WordPress Template Customization

WordPress Template Customization

For the past many years blogs are serving the online users of internet as best tool for expressing yourself socially, professionally, and for marketing your business by highlighting products & services. In the field of posting blogs for the different motives WordPress have established its strong position as a unique open source blog publishing system.

An increasing number of businesses and website owners are using blogs as a means of communication with their customers and website visitors. If your business already has a website it is possible to have a blog that matches the look and feel of your existing website without doing a complete re-design and without paying thousands of dollars to have the blog developed. Using WordPress you can tailor an already existing blog template to seamlessly flow with the rest of your website.

SamifLabs has introduced WordPress Customization Service to cater various website owners and individuals about their requirement to equate the theme of their specific website to WordPress. Website owners feel many a times that the default template of WordPress doesn’t suit to their website and needs to carry out WordPress template customization.

Why is it important to have a Template that matches the rest of your website?

  • Maintaining the same design throughout your website will help to give your visitors aconsistent experience and message while on your site.
  • A more professional look can be accomplished by having a customized template that matches the rest of the site.
  • By maintaining a consistent design throughout the site you will allow visitors to focus on the content of your blog/website rather than focusing on the design and layout changes.
  • Many WordPress templates are used by hundreds or thousands of websites, whereas your custom them will be unique to your business.
  • Using a blog/website layout that does not flow with the rest of your site may confuse visitors into thinking that they have left your site.

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