Upgrade X-Cart

Upgrade X-Cart Services

Our company is the world leader in X-Cart Upgrade service. If you want an out of date version of X-Cart to be upgraded quickly by experienced professionals, our X-cart Upgrade service is the solution for you.

If you are an X-Cart website owners feeling hassle of upgrading your old version then you need not to do so because we are offering X-Cart upgrade service after all the aspects of security issues faced by X-Cart owners. X-Cart Owners can find our upgrade service much better and experience nominal down time for their stores.

Upgrading the software version up to the higher major release (upgrading between branches, e.g. from v4.1.x to v4.4.x) is provided as follows:

  • We get a request for the cart upgrade estimation
  • Upgrade Dept. specialist engineer examines the store and estimates the cart upgrade
  • Upon the service confirmation we schedule the works (all works are performed on our local servers)
    Upgrade Dept.
  • engineer performs the cart upgrade.
  • The customer checks the results.
  • Upon a confirmation from the customer the Upgrade Dept. engineer uploads the upgraded store to the production server (the data synchronization is performed during this upload)

The costs for upgrading depend entirely on your version of Xcart and the extent of the work performed to get your cart and skin current. An estimate will be provided after our initial consultation.

For the smoothing functioning of your X-Cart online store, we also offer technical support and upgradation services. Herein we offer services like de-bugging, troubleshooting, Store Upgrades, theme & template upgrades, Core Code Upgrades, product upgrades, store re-designing, graphic enhancements, Security Audit, adding documents and much more.

We know the value of your store. So, we provide secure upgrade service for our clients. We provide software upgrade service for the latest three version branches 4.1.x branch, 4.2.x Branch and 4.3.x branch. You have to process more than one, if you want to move from v4.4.0 to v4.4.2 and v4.1.x to v4.4.x.

Please feel free to Contact us to know more about our Upgrade X-Cart Services.