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Prestashop Upgrade Services

Prestashop Upgradation is essential for the smooth functioning of your E-commerce store. Upgradation offers many advantages in the form of improved E-commerce features and security fixes. However, Prestashop upgradation is a bit complex process. Therefore, you should always hire an expert for upgrading your online store. Consult the Prestashop Upgradation Experts at SamifLabs, one of the fastest growing Prestashop E-commerce Development companies in India.

SamifLabs provides excellent services for Prestashop Version 1.4 Upgrade. SamifLabs have well capable prestashop developers, which are capable for the upgrade version of prestashop 1.4. Prestashop version 1.4 upgrade is very tidious task, as it contains a lot of modules to upgarde as well as database too. SamifLabs provides excellent service for the prestashop version 1.4 upgrade.

We offer upgrade from any version to any other desired versions. Due to the difference between versions we can not guarantee that non-native PrestaShop Modules will work with the new install. Our service includes database transfer, re-installation of the used modules and testing.

Our Prestashop Upgradation Solutions:-

  • Prestashop Store Upgradation
  • Prestashop 1.4 Upgrade
  • Prestashop Template/Theme Upgradation
  • Prestashop Module Upgradation
  • Prestashop Database Restore and Repair

Prestashop have been working like a bee for past five years. Last release, Prestashop 1.5 has been waited for a long time. But the waiting was justified. Prestashop 1.5 version have been released and this is guide on how to upgrade Prestashop 1.4 to Prestashop 1.5. SamifLabs is pioneer in providing Ecommerce services from India. PrestaShop is one of the growing and well designed shopping cart solutions for ecommerce website. We have expert team of Ecommerce Website Developer who are specialist in developing and designing shopping cart solution as per requirement.

Advantages of Prestashop 1.4 Upgrade service at SamifLabs:

  • Less clumsy and faster processing
  • Measurable solutions
  • Understandable and harmonic interaction
  • SEO friendly solutions
  • Sophisticated navigation
  • Support and maintenance of Prestashop solution

Our upgradation experts recommend the Best Prestashop Versions for the changing needs of your E-commerce enterprise and help you upgrade your store in less time. We guarantee no data loss during the Prestashop Upgradation process. Before actually upgrading your Prestashop store, we take a complete database back-up.

Whether you are a merchandiser or beginner for the online shopping websites, with help of SamifLabs you take any business online.