Upgrade Drupal Services

Upgrade Drupal

Drupal’s Upgrade has always been “we will break your code but we won’t break your data” and for that reason, Drupal core and contrib maintainers typically spend a lot of time and effort in providing upgrade paths for your data so you can theoretically just run the upgrade script and update your code and you’re good to go.

It’s not uncommon to have a concept or technique to replace its predecessor in a matter of months, and its a good thing too, as these techniques allow the website to remain fresh for its visitor and a challenge to its competitors. Website users expect their daily websites to stay on top of all innovation and provide sensible features to make their experience smoother and richer. Like most software, new Core versions of Drupal are released from time to time; the latest being Drupal 7. SamifLabs provides a range of services that help to make upgrading to a newer Drupal version easier for companies and reduce the risks involved.

Getting a site updated on a regular basis ensures a healthy flow of traffic and loyal customers too. Whenever you face a technical issue with your Drupal site, all you need to do is send us a Drupal Website Upgrade request. Our team will quickly get in touch with you to discuss the issues and solve it in the shortest possible time. Our team of Drupal Developers India uses leading-edge technologies to keep your site perfect in terms of features, functionalities, security and much more.

How can our Drupal Upgrade Services help you?

  • Keep your site updated with fresh content to get better search engine rankings
  • Your customers stay well-informed
  • Next, it helps create a professional image about your business in the minds of your customers
  • Helps ensure that your site loads quickly without facing any bottlenecks
  • Say goodbye to problems like website downtime and server issues
  • Protect your site from latest & emerging security threats

Major Drupal Updates become available every 2-3 years. Currently they involve changing the main version number, for example from version 6 to version 7 and dropping support for all but the previous major Drupal version. The latest version of Drupal is Currently Drupal 7, meaning that Drupal 5 is not supported. When Drupal 8 is released in 2014, Drupal 6 will become unsupported.

The Benefits of Upgrading to Drupal 7 include:-

  • The continued availability of security patches after the release of Drupal 8
  • Greater administrator usability
  • Access to great new features and admin modules
  • Improved image management
  • Access to an active community of maintainers (as developers all move into Drupal 7 they stop maintaining the Drupal 6 platform)
  • Stable platform for a move to Drupal 8 (recommended mid 2014 if Drupal 8 is released in late 2013)
  • RDF support for better web search results