OpenCart Extension Development India

OpenCart Extension Development India

OpenCart one of the most popular open source ecommerce platforms has more than 9000 extensions available. Still, there are numerous cases where in an ecommerce merchant has unique requirements, needing custom built plugin. SamifLabs as one of the largest implementers of OpenCart routinely develops bespoke extensions.

You can get free online lessons to educate and a great community support by using open cart modules. It will provide a huge list of add-up categories and also verity of product you can incorporate with it. Some of open cart provide more than 20 payment gateway to choose for. Some extensive carts provide much kind of shipping methods to deliver product. Multi-language is also a very good option to choose in open cart as they support multi currency. Opencart Extension Development India process can be done through a qualified opencart developer as he or she knows know very well about all primary Extensions and sub divided extensions of opencart content management system.

Some features of Opencart extension development are:

  • Graphics, cool colors and clutter-free design.
  • Strategically placed call to action buttons.
  • Promotes your social networking.
  • Streamline customer purchasing.
  • Opencart extensions enhance your cart’s functionality.

SamifLabs have expert team of Opencart Extension Development service who are specialist in developing and designing shopping cart solution as per requirement. opencart implementation & Integration is one of the many Ecommerce Shopping Cart services offered by SamifLabs. Our Opencart Developers can easily integrate and develop opencart Extension in your existing online web shop to increase the functionality of your storefront.

Advantages of Opencart:-

  • Support multiple categories for your products or services
  • Ability to manage unlimited products
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Support for multiple payment options along with payment gateway integration
  • Support for multiple shipping methods
  • Support for multiple tax rates
  • Built-in product review and ratings management
  • Facility for unlimited information pages
  • Built-in support for SEO
  • Extendable with add-ons, plugins, modules
  • Easy template system
  • Built on very popular Apache, MySQL and PHP technology stack

SamifLabs gives you the comfort of the most amazing alignment of business and e-commerce operations. Our solutions are affordable and we believing in sticking to the partnership till the end. One would definitely be satisfied with our service as we are constantly growing and learning with the changing world. You can streamline your internal and external workflows and processes by our custom-created Opencart extensions. We, at SamifLabs proceed with the goal of collecting the best and highest quality extensions for OpenCart. New extensions are being added all the time here.