Open Source ERP Services

Open Source ERP Services in India

Success in business comes with extensive control over all departments. Nothing helps you to do it better than an ERP. But often conventional ERPs come with its baggage of huge costs and limitations. On the contrary, Open Source ERP not only give you complete view of your business but also all the features that you don’t get from conventional ERPs.

We customize and integrate Open Source ERPs for your business. From accounting to project management and shipping, now you can get everything done in a jiffy without having to spend a fortune on it. Open Source ERPs are built based on some of the popular ERPs like OFBiz, Apache Geronimo, Tomcat, Funambol, JasperReports, Pentaho and the like, thus letting you have all the facilities these software have.

We customize Open Source ERP to provide you the following features:

Catalogue Management

  • Product Stores: For selection of stores that will handle catalogs, categories and products
  • Product Catalogs: Providing information on price, location, availability, features, graphics and other details
  • Products: Complete information on facilities, inventory, content, IDs, keywords, associations, suppliers, attributes and more
  • Product features: To help you add, delete or modify features as per the catalog
  • Price Rules: To help you modify prices and its variations like discounts, special sales conditions, etc.

Order Management

  • Search for existing orders
  • View existing orders
  • Order Entry
  • Sales Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Order Receipt Scheduling
  • Back Orders
  • Returns and Refunds

You can easily manage your content for the following features that the Open Source ERP has:

Web Site Management

  • Create and Modify sites
  • Establish Standard and Secure Content Prefix
  • Specify Cookie Domain

Dynamic Survey Management

General Information:

  • Content application screens for content, data resources, meta data and content structure.
  • Modified WYSISWIG editors from WSPublisher for editing of HTML, XML, plain text and other content.
  • Tool for templating in content text making it flexible like JSPs.
  • Utility transforms to include other content, images, javascript files, CSS files, etc. in the content.

Data Resource Management

  • Powerful search engine to find existing resources
  • Content Management
  • Layout Editor

Facility Management

You can now manage all details and have control over the functioning of your warehouse, building, retail Store and office.

Inventory Management: Information on quantity, availability, Order Inventory Reservations and Shipments.

Pick and Pack Management: Pick list generation, order support, list by location, pick list generation.

Shipment Management

  • Shipment Packages
  • Automatic Shipment Creation from Purchase and Sales Orders
  • Shipment Items
  • Shipment Scheduling
  • UPS XML-based Integration (XPCI)
  • Confirm Shipment
  • Shipment Route Segments
  • Generate a Shipment Plan
  • Track Shipment
  • Shipment Item Package Assignment
  • Shipment Package Route Segment Assignment
  • Accept Shipment
  • Void Shipment

Marketing Management

  • Tracking Code Management
  • Marketing Campaign Management

Accounting Management

General Ledger Accounts

  • Create New GL Account
  • Edit an existing GL Account
  • Billing Accounts
  • Find a Billing Account
  • View/Edit a Billing Account


  • Find/View existing Invoices
  • Automatic Invoices from Purchase and Sales Orders


  • Find a Payment Received

Party Management

  • Party Types: Persons and Groups
  • Security Data Maintenance
  • Party Data Maintenance
  • Finding Parties

Work Effort Management

Track work efforts

  • Work flow activities
  • Calendar events
  • Tasks and to-do items

Track requests

  • Supports requests: for proposals, support, information, features, fixes and quotes.
  • Associate requests with requirements.
  • Associate requests with work efforts.

Track requirements

  • Manage required features for a product internally
  • Request items

Technologies we use for Open Source ERP

  • Free and open source software
  • Advanced web application framework
  • Component architecture that is coupled and multi-layered
  • Standards based on Sun Java, J2EE, OMG GL, Party, Product, Workflow, W3C XML, HTML, SOA, WFMC XPDL
  • Data layer that is flexible and efficient
  • Applications that are built on similar tools, framework and components
  • Service based logic layer

Benefits of using an Open Source ERP

  • No licensing fees
  • Rich features
  • Robust data model
  • Active development community
  • Frequent updates and wide support
  • Scalable, flexible open architecture
  • Ownership cost is too low

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