Designer Saree

Wearing a Saree is tradition from years. Saree is women’s favourite cloth. In the functions most of women are in saree. Saree is very loveable cloth. Saree is always on top in the women’s cloth choices. Saree’s look is gorgeous. Women’s are look hot in saree after all she is fat or thin. Men are mental behind women who wear saree. In the every marriage women wear saree.  Sarees are not like other outfits. Thousands of years of Indian tradition is woven into sarees. That is why, it is hard for us to think about sarees in terms of brands. However, branded Indian sarees are now on the rise. Earlier, people bought sarees from select shops or directly from the weavers. But now, branded Indian sarees dominate the fashion scene.

Deepika Padukon in saree

Deepika Padukon looks so gorgeous in saree. She is looking sexy in the saree. She wears this cloth in social function. Maximum fans of Deepika Padukon are because of her dressing sense and saree is one of the big reasons of fans. She loves to wear saree. Saree is always on trend when she wears.

Alia Bhatt looks so pretty in saree

Alia bhatt is beautiful but when she wears saree she looks more gorgeous. Alia Bhatt is most favourite heroine of nowadays. Saree is the perfect combination of beauty. She wears these types of saree in the function.

Saree is one of the most selling cloths of women. In the wedding function or another social function, women interested to wear saree. Saree in India is most fashionable and trended cloth of women. It’s overlook the beauty of women. There are silky saree, patola saree, lengha saree etc.

Patola Saree

Patola Saree is very popular in India. Originally patola saree made in Patan, Gujarat. It’s a proud of Gujarat. Patola Saree is one of the famous things of Gujarat. People come to Gujarat from outside the India to show how to made patola saree. Patola Saree has so many different names. Patan, Mehsana and Rajkot are known for production of Patola saree. The royal family wears patola saree in Patan. Solanki and Rajput families start trand of Patola Saree.

Silky Saree

Silk, the queen of textiles dominates the textile industry with its lustre, sensuousness and glamour. The history of silk goes back to 4,500 years. India is the second largest producer of silk, contributing to about 18 per cent of the world production. It will be interesting to mention who is the first one.

Today, silk weaving tradition in India revolves around the sari, the ethnic traditional wear that is worn in most parts of the country. The Indians dress themselves in elaborate and colourful silk sarees on festive occasions. The vibrant colours, light weight, resilience and excellent drape etc. have made silk sarees, the irresistible and unavoidable companion of Indian women. Indian silk is popular all over the world with its variety of designs, weaves and patterns.