Buy Transparent Sarees online at Best Prices in India Latest Fashion of transparent Saris

Generally, the females are planning to wear such a suit like a film or TV actresses. Married women wear Saree long mangalsutra, bangels and fill sindur like SMRITI IRANI and SAKSHI TANVAR. Teenagers wears short tops and patiyala paijama like “jab we met’s” Kareena Kapoor. In present film premier of ‘SANWARIYA’ and   an award function Karina Kapoor wear net Saree.  So, again net Saree in demand.  According to the designers, the fashion of the net is not new to the Saree. Net Saree is in fashion from last three years. Just look at Bollywood actresses in net Saree so increased its demand. Especially young girl is very crazy for net Saree.

The net Saree is a very thin and transparent fabric. Because of this, beauty of the limbs is revealed who females wears net Saree. However, net Saree is not suit on very thin or thick women. Medium figure woman looks cool when they wearing net Saree attractively. Thin gir looks very tidy and thick girl looks very thick. Therefore, these women should be selected Chiffon Saree or georgette Saree.

Net Saree’s specialty is that it is available in all colour and sheds. Embroidery done on net Saree made net Saree more beautiful. On the net Saree any type of embroidery suite. Chiffon Saree is very light weight Saree. Silk Saree is known for its smoothness. While net Saree is known for its versatile colour and embroidery.

Net Saree is very transparent there be cautious about the selection of petticoat. Besides, net Saree’s base is on the petticoat selection. The heavy embroidered skirt under the net Saree with loose loose boots looks beautiful. If you want to become a center of attraction at the party, you should wear a big design of animals or flowers below the net Saree. According to a leading designer, Metallic lycra petticoat also looks beautiful with a net Saree. If there is heavy embroidery in the net Saree so should wear a plan shaded skirt under the net Saree.

Lycra fabric sticks on the body. If attractive figure, insist on wearing Lycra skirt under the net Saree. This will become very sexy look. Recommended by the designer, on occasion wear a broad petticoat with net Saree.

A plane blouse combination with a beautiful embroidered net Saree looks good. Blouse fitting must be perfect with net Saree. If blouse awkward then it will be show immediately show on, because of net Saree is very transparent. Besides, the fabric of petticoat and blouse keep the same until it possible. If petticoat metallic Lycra so should stitch metallic Lycra petticoat. Like this, petticoat and blouse material having same shade will look similar to one and confusion of which blouse to buy with net Saree it also short out. Bustier also looks good with net Saree. For western look, Corset can also be wear. Off soldier or broad belt Corset looks beautiful. However, women keeping in mind their figure and decide blouse design. Long earings  in ear and breslet in hand is in fashion. No need to wear necklace in neck with gourment   embroidered net Saree. Long tangled up to the shoulder, four broad bangels in hand and braslet looks good with it.

Actress KAVERI from ‘AK’ serial is fond of wearing net Saree. His wardrobe is full of net Saree. Seeing AANCHAL many women wear net Saree. Women tack care for worn to net Saree so that their beauty will barely rise like actress KAREENA KAPOOR and AANCHAL.

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