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From decade in world designer saree is famous as Indian traditional clothes. Saree is always Indian women’s favorite clothes and after wearing a saree Indian woman become more beautiful. As time goes on sarees design also get upgraded from traditional to modern way. Now a days there are huge demand of sarees in market. Today’s demand has proven that it will never happen that sarees demand will disappear.

In today’s fashionable era designer sarees demand is very increased and women are demanding more and more designer sarees. Even actresses in films and in TV serials are wearing designer sarees and because of that today’s lots of girls are demanding designer sarees. Even people are searching for like Bollywood sarees, designer sarees, Wedding sarees, georgette sarees, handwork sarees etc.

Now a day’s sarees types which are very famous are cotton sarees, silk sarees, georgette sarees, chiffon sarees, crepe sarees, tissue sarees, kota sarees etc. This because of all designers who created very unique designs in each saree. In today’s era there is trend of designer sarees but in some occasions, girls like to wear traditional sarees also. Every place has its own unique design in saree. Either it is Maheshwari saree from Indore or paithani saree from Maharashtra, all are very attractive and good looking. Saree which is made in Maheshwari called chanderi saree, and this chanderi saree has very uniqueness in terms of design as well as look. tantuja saree from Bengal, banarasi saree from banaras, patola sarees from Gujarat, kanjivaram sarees from South all have different look and style.

two types of sarees, one is Traditional Sarees and other is Designer Sarees

We can say there are two types of saree, one is Traditional sarees and other is designer sarees. First type is coming from decade and still many women wearing it and enjoying it and second type made by designers. They customize traditional saree and make it design full and do design work on them. Traditional sarees are made with our culture so it is common for all while designer sarees are made with persons mood, style and occasion in which she wants to wear it. If she wants to attend wedding, then she can get designed wedding sarees, she can get designed bridal saree.

Also, todays’ era ladies are conscious about fitness and figure so they like saree which is made with soft and easy cloths material which sticks to their body. in designer saree there are many colors available but the most famous colors are light pink saree, sky blue saree, cream colour saree, black saree, white saree etc. Before this time bridal was just consume some red or green colour clothes, OR we can say just get Red saree or Green Saree. But now a day’s bridal gets designed all things as per their choice and look. That means now bridal just not only used to green or red sarees, but they can get customized sarees with their own look and feel.

Today designer sarees are made for personalise fashion statement. Because of that designer sarees are made of georgette, silk, chiffon etc. In designer saree both materials used in same way with same weight and same style, so it looks very different. If one material is light and other is dark then it will not get a good look. In today’s era most, famous sarees are shaded sarees in designer saree.

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If you wear designer saree then blouses should be also designer. As designer blouses itself looking very fashionable so when you wear it with designer saree then that combination will become more good looking and attractive. we believe that designer sarees can afford by only reach people, but that is wrong myth. Now as you can get personalised designer saree so you can get that in very low budget and any ladies who like designer saree can afford it and get it. As you have to tell your budget to labours and based on that they will select your saree material, style, design and make it for you in your budget. Now a day’s designer saree ranges from 3000 INR to 1 Lakh INR rupees. But still few ladies like only traditional sarees so they select handloom sarees from handloom sectors only.

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Now in traditional sarees colours has also changed and ladies get lost of options in that. So, they can choose any colour and get traditional saree in that colour. Blue, Red, Green, Pink that all colours are very easily available for girls in traditional saree. In traditional saree kanjeevaram silk saree, printed design saree, telia rumal saree are in more demand. Our India culture has very old relation with saree so whenever ladies get any occasion their first selection is saree only. And because of this designer sarees trend, now a day’s teenage girls and collegian girls also like to wear saree on many occasions instead of indo-western clothes.