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We at Samif Designer Studio offer best Chaniya choli for all type of occasion. here I like to provide full detail on Chaniya choli which will sell in India and also we can deliver to USA, UK, Australia & all over world.

Deepika Padukone in Gujarati Chaniya Choli in Garba

Deepika Padukone in Gujarati Chaniya Choli in Garba

Chaniya Choli Designer with best price in India

We provide best designer chaniya choli for navratri & also you can wear that in other occasion like wedding, birthday or in pooja. Yes our chaniya choli is very good to keep it best for full year or more years & you can use choli or chaniya with other clothes too as per fashion. 

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Yes, as I told you before that our chaniya choli are very fashionable you can wear that in wedding too. And also you can use in other wedding days like in dance on wedding night. Also you can use choli with other clothes it will create unique fashion. I am sure people will ask you for that. 

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Navratri Chaniya Choli with price

Most of girls & female wear chaniya choli in navratri for garba. In India all people enjoy navratri festival. Full night we do garba in our normal dress or with chaniya choli. Yes we at Samif Designer Studio provide all type of chaniya choli for navratri festival & garba. 

Our country India is festival lover country. Every festival has it’s own specification and features. And among all navratri has it’s own special features which attract more and more people. navratri means festival of classical and folk dances. This special dance called Garba which we all enjoy during Navratri. But the most important attraction of Navratri is chaniya choli. Lots of people buy chaniya choli for garba and dressed it and enjoy it.

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Chaniya choli itself made with lots of colors and with different different designs. it’s one kind of symbol that for our desi culture. Indians who stay outside of India also wear chaniya choli during Navratri nights to enjoy garba. After wearing chaniya choli any girl will be look pretty and beautiful. And because of that in few western cultures also we can find this kind of chaniya choli designs. Every year chaniya choli get new and new collections and designs.

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There are two type of chaniya choli. One is Traditional and other is Fancy. Rajkot is popular to made traditional chaniya choli. While Ahmedabad & Bombay is famous for fancy chaniya choli. Now a days navratri become more modern festival. As people are now booked party plots and also there they have DJ music systems for enjoying graba. But still in terms of chaniya choli people are fond of traditional one.

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Simple Chaniya Choli Collection Navratri , Traditional chaniya choli for navratri with price

In Navratri while dancing garba not only chaniya choli is dressed. But girls also wear lots of jewellery with chaniya choli. Also this jewellery is heavy and very good looking with chaniya choli. As Navratri begins in all stores sellers replace their clothes with traditional and fancy chaniya choli. Chaniya choli ranges from Rs. 500 to Rs. 10,000 and few goes upto Rs. 20,000. Also they put lots of chaniya choli options so garba lovers can buy it and wear it. chaniya cholis are made of a number of fabrics such as silk, cotton, khadi, georgette, crape, net, satin, brocade and chiffon.

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As per current trend most of ladies want chanlya choli which look more attractive and more designed. Also they want blouse with fully designed and colourful. People are making preparation for Navratri before few weeks of it’s starting. As per few vendors they are selling lots of chaniya choli in Dubai, chaniya choli in London, chaniya choli in USA. Main part in chaniya choli design is decorative stitching patterns. it come with a wide variety of decoration and embroidery work like Shisha, Chikankari, Zari, Zardozi, Nakshi, Kundan, etc. People prefer ethnic Shisha embroidery for festivals like Navratri. They have basic pattern of chaniya choli, based on that their craftsman makings lots of new and new designs. And because of that they got very famous among people.

Vendors are making chaniya choli based on Rajasthani Work, Gamthi Work, Kachhi Work, Surashtra Work etc..Modern fashionable city women more like to become villegian in term of dress during Navratri. Women like to wear chniya choli which has back side open and it get tied with small rope. That kind of chaniya choli is full of chndadi and made of embroidery. In the same way Ghaghra is also made so colorful and made with embroidery work. Chaniya choli or ghagra choli, which is also known as lehenga choli, is the traditional clothing of women from the Indian subcontinent. In Punjab it was traditionally worn with the kurti and salwar. It is a combination of the chaniya or lehenga (long skirt) and the choli (blouse).